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Casa Romero


Date. 2021

Jocotenango, Guatemala


With the support of the Accelerate Cambridge Santander grant, Lamina POP, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and other local organizations, was able to deploy its patented low-cost and rapid construction system to build a 27 m2 home for a disenfranchised family of 8 who live in one of Guatemala’s poorest and most dangerous communities. With the grant, we were able to purchase the construction materials and enabled us to provide employment for 10 builders, carpenters, and ironsmiths. Given the increasingly rising cost of raw materials worldwide, the grant allowed us to identify new price targets for the construction of our homes, establish key partnerships with some of Guatemala’s most pertinent home-build organizations and most importantly, give the family an entirely new platform for them to start building a healthier, safer, and dignified future for themselves in this home. 

For a full list of the benefits of constructing with Lamina POP click here.

If you have any questions regarding this project or one of the other Lamina POP buildings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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