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The System

Lamina POP uses low-cost building materials, such as corrugated metal and pop rivets, in an innovative way to utilise their inherent strength. This innovation creates a new and functional construction model. The advantages of Lamina POP are evident with the most poignant including:


  • Low Cost
    ​​The construction of a Lamina POP building is cheaper than traditional construction methods as the materials required are minimal.


  • Transportable
    The light building materials required are considerably lighter than traditional building materials, allowing them to be easily transported. This allows for the construction of Lamina pop buildings in remote locations with limited road infrastructure. 


  • Quick
    The system allows for the building to be prefabricated or be built on-site. The small amount of cement required needs no curing time, and the remaining structure can be assembled far faster than many traditional building methods. 


  • Simple
    The technical skills required to build a Lamina POP structure are minimal allowing easy construction. These transferable skills present the opportunity for community involvement in the construction and would allow local communities to continue the construction model beyond the completion of the first building. 


  • Durable
    The oldest Lamina Pop buildings are over 15 years old. The buildings are situated in Guatemala, which has a tropical climate and is prone to earthquakes, but despite this the buildings remain in pristine condition.

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