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Our Story 

The origins of lamina POP lie in a simple and well-known logic game. The aim, to support the weight of a bottle on a dollar bill. The answer is simple. When the dollar bill is folded in zigzags (resembling an accordion) it creates a structural membrane, capable of holding up a bottle. When presented with this game by his wife, Pablo was fascinated by the concept. In the workshop, he began to see the waves of the dollar bill in common materials such as sheets of zinc, galvanized steel sheets,  and other stainless steels, known in Guatemala as laminas. Careful development of this basic principle has allowed that structural membrane to be scaled up, to become capable of supporting very heavy structures.

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From this discovery, Pablo developed his own construction system, Lamina POP, founded in 2004. Pablo was responsible for the construction of several projects using the Lamina POP system, including schools, social housing as well as guest housing on his own land.


After a long battle with Cancer Pablo sadly passed away in 2014. Since then his son Sebastian has taken forward the project, with guidance from Alberto Barba.

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